Suzanne Vega: Proud of her two hits (and the other 20-plus years)

Thanks to Jason for posting to his Facebook profile a terrific NYT blog post by none other than Suzanne Vega.

Vega is several types of New Yorker wrapped into one. She’s a creative artist with an acoustic guitar, and she’s a pugnacious sort who takes no shit. She may not be the most technologically adept person in the world — it’s apparent from her intro that she confused her AOL Welcome Screen with something else.

Her post leads into an intriguing deconstruction of Luka, the one major hit she had on her own. (Tom’s Diner was only a hit after someone turned her a cappella slice of life into an unlikely hip-hop anthem.) She tells us she disagreed with her manager about the song’s potential as a hit, and she wasn’t at all interested in tackling social issues. Funny how so many musicians don’t recognize their own potential hits. Maybe managers and A&R reps deserve some of their salaries.

She’s refreshingly not bitter about the experience. Sure, she’d like to remind us that she has produced some good music over the years, and she has. I’ve raved about Blood Makes Noise before while venting about the state of the medical industry, and I’ll add In Liverpool just to pick another great song at random.

Read and enjoy.


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