Title: Dog Sticking Out Tongue

Artist: MMM Jr. (2003- )

Date: June 2008

Medium: Sand, seashells and beach toys

History: The work from MMM Jr.’s early period is a radical departure from Dad, created for Father’s Day, and Something Sort of Like Darth Vader. Working in this medium for the first time, the artist eschews the postmodernist shape-shifting of Picasso but makes a bold statement about modernity with his use of color. A previous draft of this work did not include the characteristic tongue. The artist was very pleased with the three-dimensional relief present in the final version, but unfortunately, this work was destroyed a short time later when MMM Jr., bowing to the inevitability of its destruction by the approaching tide, took the beach toys over to play in the sand.

Location: Stone Harbor, NJ

Price: Unavailable, see above


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