On the issues

While we’re stuck with a two-party system, let’s take a look at how they stack up right now (July 2022):

Economics: Advantage Democrats. Presidents often get too much credit or too much blame for the economy, and that’s certainly true in 2022, with a war and a fluke of pandemic-related supply-and-demand imbalance skewing things, but in the last several decades, Democrats have been indisputably better stewards of our money.

Abortion: Advantage Democrats. Anti-abortion arguments (biological, political and theological) fall apart under scrutiny, and a majority of Americans know it.

Guns: Advantage Democrats. And we all know it.

Immigration: A very slight advantage Democrats. They’re less cruel than Republicans, but we’re long overdue for a bipartisan discussion.

Science (environment, COVID): Advantage Democrats, by default.

Crime: Even. There’s a limit to what politicians can do at a national level, but we’ve seen decades of welcome decline followed by an upturn in the pandemic years (yes, starting under Trump). Republicans are lying, of course, about what Democrats are doing at the local level.

Sexuality, gender and culture wars: Huge advantage Democrats. You’ll nae take me freedom. And at some point, the GOP has to go to biology class. And theology class.

Corruption and foreign policy: Huge advantage Democrats. I’ll see your Hunter Biden and raise you the entire Trump family, at least the ones who, unlike Hunter Biden, work/worked in the White House.

Authoritarianism and hate: Huge advantage Democrats, and pardon the pun, but this trumps everything else.

Seems biased, doesn’t it? But maybe Republicans should simply do better.


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