Community: TV show or confused journalism concept?

The Seattle Times is splitting its newsroom into “Creation, Curation and Community” staffs. (The Seattle Times: Newsroom reorganization reflects new priorities | Knight Digital Media Center.)

Cute, but also a Confused Concept. Counterproductive.

“Community” needs to be a small part of everyone’s job. Having someone to manage their local bloggers (terrific concept) is a good idea, but beyond that, “community” shouldn’t be in a silo.

“Curation” implies that editors are busy using overly complex tools to put things on the site and in the paper. That means they’re not spending their time editing. That’s an important part of the process.

And lumping one group under “Creation” will work about as well as the Office episode in which the sales staff starts lording its new status over the other Dunder-Mifflin employees.


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