Attention Athenians: Good food alert

I see in your local paper that you now have Five Guys. I shouldn’t be surprised. This place is so staggeringly popular in the D.C. metro area that I think several localities are considering laws requiring that any new office building must have a Five Guys somewhere on the premises.

This is, of course, blatantly unfair. You already have so many food chains that we in the supposedly enlightened D.C. suburbs do not. The Schlotzsky’s in Reston is long gone. It’s a long, long drive to a Bojangles or Mrs. Winner’s. Waffle House? Yeah, right.

That’s it. I’m moving back.


4 thoughts on “Attention Athenians: Good food alert

  1. We have Five Guys here in Atlanta – it was a great place to meet a craving (mmmm…. grilled onions) during my pregnancy. And the fries! I missed that about DC, so I’m glad it’s here.

    When I was down in Statesboro last week, I noted that RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO POPEYE’S, there is a Bojangles.

    The eating – it’s what I miss about being pregnant! 🙂

  2. DMD — I remember when everyone was developing along the Atlanta Highway (looking for the loooovvve getaway) in Athens, they once had a Del Taco and a Taco Bell separated only by a bank. The Taco Bell building had some long beams that jutted out and looked like cannons.

    Neel — Oh, MMM Jr. already knows Fred’s voice. And Kate’s.

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