Is Washington Post going Twitter teenagers on us?

This attempt by Petula Dvorak to pull together random bad things that happened at UVA into some sort of grand statement — with or without tongue in cheek — is one of the most reprehensible things I’ve ever seen under the Post’s banner:

Is U-Va. going Bravo Network on us? – The Washington Post.


Title IX and the Virginia rape shocker

Title IX is an important law, but a rewrite is long overdue:

The question I have been asked a hundred times since the Rolling Stone piece appeared is: How is it possible that a crime as serious as an aggravated, premeditated gang rape can be funneled into an internal disciplinary process? …

The simple answer is that the law requires it. Title IX mandates that universities use administrative conduct processes to address sexual harassment and sexual violence.

via University of Virginia gang rape investigation: Rolling Stone reveals limits of Title IX system..