Strange reads du jour: Feb. 9

This might be a regular feature. Or irregular. It’s all the things I would normally share on Facebook but don’t want to do one post at a time because that would overwhelm everyone’s timelines, like my buddies who live-tweet basketball games. (Seriously, stop.)

– A pro wrestling match gone horribly wrong. One guy decided he didn’t want to play along, so the other guy (the same person who ruined Muhammad Ali’s career) beat him to a real-life pulp.

– You’d think the crew at a World Cup skeleton race wouldn’t leave a broom where a rider can hit it head-first.

– Conspiracy Theory with interesting evidence: Stevie Wonder is not blind.

– Conspiracy Theory with mountains of evidence to the contrary: The Beatles didn’t exist.

– Conspiracy Theory or just a serious error: A goalkeeper on loan from one Dutch club to another made a big whoopsie. We’ll have to see whether Ajax takes him back after the loan.

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Monday Morning Music: Paul McCartney (live, raised), “Helter Skelter”

Yes, it’s a little late for Monday Morning Music, and I’m almost two years late in discovering this terrific clip.

But that’s OK. Pop culture actually moves more slowly today than it did in Paul’s day.

Huh? You say. This is the era of the instant Tweet. Rebecca Black living Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes.

Sure, but it’s also an era in which Coldplay, which releases albums every three years, is considered a relatively prolific band. No one seems to consider the possibility that seven seasons is a fine respectable run for The Office. Aerosmith is still coasting from the early ’90s power ballads (the ones that all sounded alike) it released after its 1987-89 comeback.

Back in the Beatles’ day, two years would’ve been long enough for three albums, a movie and a couple of international incidents.

So there. And here’s a terrific marquee-top performance.