Out: RINOs. In: CINOs. (Christians in Name Only)

Beau of the Fifth Column (not me, because even though I’m a Beau from the South, I have neither this accent nor this beard nor this way with words) eviscerates the idea of anti-Trumpsters being “RINOs,” pointing out that Trump was an independent, a Reform Party supporter and, yes, a Democrat before deciding to join and manipulate the Republican Party.

This, in and of itself, is not a new thought. Trump’s record of party-shopping and even his willingness to contort his own alleged views to suit that party is well-documented.

And while the old quote that Trump figured Republicans were idiots he could manipulate is actually fake, he clearly found that the GOP (or “Gutless Old People”) was quite malleable. Traditional conservative values like free trade, small government and standing up for democracy vs. dictators have gone out the window. A party that had gone full-bore “Tea Party” libertarian is now authoritarian.

But, again, the other Beau puts it better than I could, noting that Trump settled on the Republican Party in part because it was the one in which he could “give them permission to be their worst and it would motivate them.”

Also related to the Trump base: a story in The Atlantic (might be paywalled) noted something about the evangelicals who support Trump. As it turns out, they don’t go to church that often:

And a pearl-clutching study of evangelical opinions finds that evangelicals are (gasp!) more willing to accept LGTBQ people and accept the prospect that many roads lead to heaven, but the authors are heartened by the fact that a solid 90% of them are against fornication.

So here’s why the political landscape of the last seven years makes no sense …

While the country is getting more diverse along theological, gender and sexuality lines, a significant number of people who consider sexual morality more important than many theological issues have decided that they shall put all of their stock in a man whose attitudes on sex and marriage should be repulsive to them.

Should we still be dissecting Trump? Maybe not. That’ll be for the courts.

But this peculiar tendency is something we have to notice. State and local governments are already making things very uncomfortable for people who are more about compassion for others than condemnation of others.

And these people aren’t just RINOs. They’re CINOs as well.


George Takei walks through prejudices past

From a wonderful George Takei column in The Washington Post.

The trial judge in the case Loving v. Virginia , which overturned such laws in 1967 — yes, less than 50 years ago — defended marital segregation. He wrote: “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”

Assuming that trial judge was white, shouldn’t he have been packing up to head back to Europe?

Back to Takei’s main point: If “ick” were a valid reason to keep people from marrying, I know a lot of heterosexuals who shouldn’t be allowed to marry, either. If you walk around thinking to yourself, “Well, *I* wouldn’t want to have relations with that person,” you’re going to be limiting marriage to magazine cover models. It’ll be up to Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Aniston to populate the Earth.


Rageahol: The most vile homophobic (and racist) hatred in Fairfax County

rageaholThere are no words to describe this Fairfax Underground thread suggesting that AIDS is a good thing because it rids of homosexuals.

And, the thread tells us, no straight people would have AIDS if not for Obama-loving liberals going to hip-hop concerts and hooking up with guys who have bisexual tendencies on the “DL” (down low).

Maybe Magic Johnson would like to pay these guys a visit.