A few links about Charlottesville

I’m not to the point of writing something that’ll put everything in context.

But let me just share a few things here that demonstrate two points:

  1. A lot of Republicans are far more willing than the president to stand up to the lunatic fringe and its violence and racism.
  2. The lunatic fringe has been enabled by the last election. Remember the last couple of decades of Klan rallies, which usually consisted of a few people in hoods being shouted down by hundreds of peaceful but firm people? How did we get from that to what happened today?


Read this entire thread — currently at 157,000 retweets — delineating the things white people do not have to face (which other people, of course, do).

Meet the alt-right moneybag.

Trump froze funding to fight right-wing hate groups.

A collection of research on white supremacists’ backing of Trump and the president’s unwillingness to distance himself from it.

Was Trump’s win about economics? The data says no.

And lest we forget — this is the end result. For now …