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Tunes of the weird: Blotto

One more test to see if YouTube is summarily taking down every video I embed.

In this case, that’d be fine, because it hardly seems fair to label this one “Worst 80’s Music Video,” as some YouTuber has declared. It’s campy fun from an upstate New York band that managed to get some MTV play because MTV didn’t mind campy fun in those days.

It’s Blotto, with I Wanna Be a Lifeguard:

Want some band history? Wikipedia sums it up: “They were formed in 1979 out of the remains of the Star Spangled Washboard Band, a post-hippie comedy jugband.”

Now that I’d like to see.

They still play from time to time, as this 2007 video proves, even though they’ve all gone on to different careers. The drummer’s a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property law, so I’m guessing he would have had all this stuff yanked down from YouTube if he wanted to. Where else are you going to see this? MTV?