The media’s role in climate-change denialism

False objectivity, postmodernism, getting “both sides” — by any name, it’s a problem: As Kenner sees it, on any issue, there are typically three groups: true believers; nonbelievers; and the vast, confused middle. It’s not the middle’s fault it’s confused: Kenner blames the Marc Moranos of the world, who are paid to sow not just […]


Blogging and the human mind

This one’s making the rounds (kottke and elsewhere): “Blogging makes us more oriented toward …” Claim-by-claim … 1. “more oriented toward an intellectual bottom line” Is this a good thing? If it means bloggers have finely tuned bullshit detectors, that’s a good thing. But “bottom line” also means “cheap” or “nothing lower.” 2. “more interested […]


Song review: Primus

There are some songs I like because they’re breathtaking works of art. Then there’s Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver, a typically eccentric Primus song in which Les Claypool scats about an ornery but lovable animal. Primus is one of those bands that has to hit their unusual combination of goals just right to make it work. […]


Back to the public journalism debate

Two issues of note: Are politicians, particularly those in the current administration, letting their political and/or religious beliefs get in the way of science? Lex, as usual, takes a nice objective look at the issue. (As a former grad student, I particularly like the irony of the conservative-vs.-postmodernist argument. Related: My argument that postmodernism is […]