Postmodernism and the media (rerun)

Just re-posting this so I can archive it: No, wait … don’t stop reading … I’ll try to make this readable. I’m no expert on postmodernism. I was just a part-time grad student, not a Ph.D. in English. Here’s what I was able to pick up on the subject: History needs to include more than […]


What you should understand if you support Kavanaugh

The purpose of this post isn’t to convince you that Brett Kavanaugh is unfit to be a judge (let alone a Supreme Court justice) or that he attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford and has a pattern of sexual harassment. The last of these points hasn’t been investigated, which is unacceptable. The Ford allegation is […]


The media’s role in climate-change denialism

False objectivity, postmodernism, getting “both sides” — by any name, it’s a problem: As Kenner sees it, on any issue, there are typically three groups: true believers; nonbelievers; and the vast, confused middle. It’s not the middle’s fault it’s confused: Kenner blames the Marc Moranos of the world, who are paid to sow not just […]