Video classics: Mötley Crüe


DIRECTOR: So here’s the idea. We have the guys go into this low-rent place in Chinatown. One wants to eat some of the food on the table, but he’s called in to go with the guys to confront some dude. Then a bunch of dudes with swords pop out to surround them, but it turns out all the guys in the band are martial arts experts, so they win a fight.

PRODUCER: Sounds cool. So do they get what they came in for?

DIRECTOR: Yes. They give the guy a dismissive wave and leave.

PRODUCER: So … why were they doing this? Did they bust up a sex trafficking ring or a mob operation or something?

DIRECTOR: Nah. It just looks cool.

PRODUCER: Got it. Hey guys, what do you think?

(Band snorts cocaine)

PRODUCER: OK, never mind. Anyway, can we work in a short snippet of the band playing?

DIRECTOR: Well, it doesn’t fit the story, but OK. How do we make it interesting?

PRODUCER: Tommy does a lot of cool tricks with his sticks and then looks like he’s putting himself in an armlock.

DIRECTOR: That works.

PRODUCER: Tommy? You cool with that?

(Band snorts cocaine)

PRODUCER: It’ll be fine. Here’s a pile of money.


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