Patton Oswalt on wokeness

As usual, he says it better than I ever could, so here he is, in all his NSFW glory from one of his specials on Netflix (I think it was “Talking for Clapping”):

I could not be a more committed progressive, pro-gay, pro-transgender person, but I cannot keep up with the fucking glossary of correct terms, goddammit. I’m trying! I want to help, but holy fuck! It’s like a secret club pass where they change it every week. And then you’re in trouble!

“That’s not the word we use.”

“It was LAST week!” …

I know I’m an old cis-white motherfucker, but don’t give me shit because I didn’t know the right term! RuPaul got into shit for saying ‘tranny.’ RU FUCKING PAUL! RuPaul, who laid down on the barbed wire of discrimination throughout the 70s and 80s so this generation could run across her back and yell at her for saying ‘tranny’! What the fuck?! I will always change. I will always try to learn the new terms. But you’ve gotta give me some wiggle room.

He goes on to point out that the world is full of slick, evil people who know the right words, while some of the uncouth folks who aren’t up with the latest academic trends are actually the tolerant ones.

It’s brilliant. Check it out.



2 thoughts on “Patton Oswalt on wokeness

  1. Hey there,
    Don’t shout me but I don’t know to leave you a message but I posted on your old blog about the one stick percussionist in the Was (Not Was) “Walk the Dinosaur” Video about how at the 18 sec mark you see her have a drumstick in her left hand 😋

    I rewatched it after nearly 25 years and was trying to see if that was Zach Alford on the main drums.

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