Fyre Festival questions I’d like to see answered

Some may think this is a diversion from the daily Trump / North Korea / crisis du jour coverage. I think we can handle more than one story at a time, and this is a fascinating story that straddles the line between disorganization and outright fraud. The lessons we can learn from this might be just as valuable as figuring out why Obama voters who voted for Trump think the Democrats are the party of the 1%.

(OK, so maybe we just need something else to think about before our brains explode.)

In no particular order:

1. Did any of the models and “influencers” who were planning to go actually turn up in the Bahamas? I saw that some of them may have been warned not to go, but did they somehow manage to contact all the VIPs and tell them to stay home, even as they were trying to accommodate the rich-but-not-famous people who did make the trip?

2. The “pitch deck” claims the Festival’s “talent network” includes Jamie Foxx, Iggy Azalea, Queen Latifah, Antonio Pierce, etc. Were they aware of this?

3. Who thought it would be a good idea, upon having a bunch of people arriving to an island with insufficient food and shelter on hand, to just have them all spend the afternoon drinking? At that point, who was making decisions?

4. Why is so much of the social media furor being reported all coming from one guy’s Twitter feed?

5. Did they have an operational concert venue? We’ve seen some pictures of a stage with lights.

The reporting on this has been, quite frankly, lazy. This is a great story, combining celebrity gossip with the real issue of how the hell this disaster happened. We can laugh about the poor suckers who went to this thing, but they got ripped off.

This is a worthwhile investigation. Who’s up for it?

Update: A lawsuit filed against the Fyre folks adds little except more allegations that performers and others were warned not to show up. If true, that’s quite shocking — you know you’re not going to be able to pull this off, but you let people fly from Miami to the Bahamas anyway??!!


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