Mass media has utterly failed to convey the policy stakes in the election – Vox

To some extent, we can blame the public and the candidates themselves. When you have a guy like Donald Trump running for office, he could have an agenda identical to Barack Obama’s or Mitt Romney’s, but the question of whether his temperament is well-suited for the office would still be the bigger question.

That said, this is clearly ridiculous:

A recent study showed that network television news has dedicated more minutes to Hillary Clinton’s email server than to all policy issues combined. The day after the FBI revealed that it had found some emails that might be copies of emails it had already read but that if they weren’t simply duplicates might be relevant to an investigation of Clinton’s email server, all three above-the-fold New York Times stories were about the new emails, even though there was no information about them.

We’ve blown it, folks. No matter what the result, the political media (generalizing, I know) in this country have shit the bed. Even David Fahrenthold’s dogged reporting on Trump’s foundation, as important as it’s been, has bogged down in such trivialities that we have to ask if he can cover anything else about the man who has a legitimate, if small, chance of becoming president.

And forget about Trump for a moment — I’m sure most people have little idea that Clinton is radically progressive on some issues and radically centrist on others.

Source: Mass media has utterly failed to convey the policy stakes in the election – Vox


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