How I got W3 Total Cache and WPTouch to co-exist

Years ago, I was ahead of the new media curve. Now, I’m not. I confess that I did not have a mobile-friendly theme for SportsMyriad.com until Google sent me the notice that I needed to do that or my site would be buried under 10,000,000 porn sites or something like that.

So I installed WPTouch, and … it didn’t work. After some research, I found that the issue was that I also have W3 Total Cache, which I believe I installed when my 2012 medal projections crashed the site.

After some painful searching (um, Google, shouldn’t we get the most useful stuff first?), I wound up on WPTouch’s page for working with caching plugins:

That might have done the job on its own. But I also found another little trick buried in the otherwise useless support forums:

Check your W3 Total Cache settings:

In WordPress admin, go to Performance-> Page Cache -> Advanced -> Never cache the following pages.

Add mobile-detect\.php

So there you have it, one way to make W3 Total Cache and WPTouch work. It’s not at all guaranteed, and it’s being passed along by a guy who has no intention of researching this any further. Back to the stuff I actually do.

If this works for you, great. If it doesn’t, please feel free to comment on what’s supposed to be done instead. I’m just writing this in the hopes that other people will find ways to do this more quickly than I did. Maybe people will find this post and get the solution, or maybe my links will help boost these pages’ search ranking. Whatever. Peace out.


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