Over the past six years, my eyes have been opened to the obstructionist, racist, presidential disrespectfulness, big business-over-people-supporting, 1%-pandering, corporate welfare-giving, social security-cutting, climate change-denying, war mongering, foreign policy-sabotaging (think Iran GOP letter), military veteran patronizing, national infrastructure non-funding, environmental catastrophe-inviting (think Keystone XL pipeline), union-busting, rich-getting-richer-while-poor-get-poorer-ensuring, NRA-ingratiating, income inequality encouraging, human rights-preventing, war on women perpetuating, sensible gun law-blocking, middle class-erasing, student loan lower interest rate-rejecting, Medicaid expansion refusing, minimum wage hike-fighting, equal pay-denying, path to citizenship opposing, gerrymandering, vote suppressing, environmental deregulating, “Citizens United” overturning (think GOP-controlled SCOTUS), Koch-indebted, poor-and-less-fortunate-hating, birther and fake scandal creating, presidential daughter attacking, 53 time Obamacare repealing (and failing), lying, executive appointment-blocking, jobs bill-ignoring, FAUX News-supporting, presidential suing at taxpayer expense, propagandizing, government closing and do-nothing positive GOP party that has been wreaking havoc since Obama took office…..and all this cloaked as the one true “religious” and “conservative” party and yet, contrary to the will of the American voter in two presidential elections.


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