How not to respond to just criticism, Pointergate edition

A grumpy old cop upset that the Minneapolis mayor is holding cops accountable griped to a gullible reporter that the mayor was “flashing a gang sign” when she pointed to a guy helping her on a charitable endeavor. MPR News has the best recap.

It happens. We all make mistakes. We all believe that one grumpy old source too much. You apologize and move on.

You don’t double down on the mistake of talking to Grumpy Old Cop again and calling him “Law Enforcement” in the headline: Law Enforcement: Criticism of Mayor Hodges’ Photo Report Misses the Point | KSTP TV – Minneapolis and St. Paul.

I think the mayor should get out at her next public event and flash the sign for The Van Buren Boys. Maybe that’ll incite people to get out and act out Seinfeld episodes.

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