The news story of our time: Partisanship for sake of partisanship

This Slate story starts with Common Core, but it’s not really about Common Core (which has a lot of “left-wing” critics as well, mostly because the math in it is some of the dumbest tripe ever cooked up in academia). It goes on to show how many policies were once embraced by the Republicans but then derided when Obama liked them, too.

From Obamacare to basic gun regulations, I’m not sure how many Obama policies you can find that didn’t once have widespread Republican support but are now “OMG! SOCIALISM!”

And the media frankly can’t do enough to point this out. Then they can go into other issues that have limited Obama’s ability to be an effective president — including Obama himself.

Conservative tribalism: Conservatives hate anything Barack Obama and liberals like..


One thought on “The news story of our time: Partisanship for sake of partisanship

  1. I seem to recall Obama citing a recommendation to keep your car tires properly inflated to improve gas mileage being greeted with howls of derision.

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