The incredible shrinking news-org hierarchy

The new whatever-it-is with Glenn Greenwald, the crusading journalist now known best for the Edward Snowden/NSA matter of interest, could revolutionize journalism in a sense that has nothing to do with the controversial content it’s sure to have. It could be the least bureaucratic news organization in history.

Having been in a couple of organizations in which I practically needed three editors’ approval to go to lunch, I’m curious to see how this works. Top-heavy news orgs are toast in this new era, and good riddance. When heavy competition eats away your revenue and resources are limited, you need to find creative ways to get more reporting with fewer people.

But I also appreciate good editors. I have a couple of them now at OZY — people who challenge me to sharpen my prose and explain things that aren’t clear to the average reader. In this new news organization, who does the editing?

One other highlight of this link — the sidebar tells us “Erik Wemple writes a reported opinion blog.” That sounds new school, but it’s really old school. In the old days, columnists actually did some reporting. They weren’t just partisan shills. What a concept.

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