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Why cynics are suckers

Cynicism is not intelligence.

Cynicism is the coward’s way of dealing with life. It provides easy scapegoats when things go wrong. It provides an excuse not to care about people or entities who are imperfect.

It doesn’t help the cynic’s loved ones. It doesn’t help the cynic’s country. It doesn’t serve God, no matter how one chooses to worship.

It does serve sensationalist news media and power-hungry political parties.

Which makes cynics little more than the ultimate suckers.


One thought on “Why cynics are suckers

  1. If one reads the paper, follows the news daily it’s hard not to be a bit cynical when distrust seems an appropriate response. Often the motives of those in power and the unchanging realities of the power structure deserves a bit of cynical response. In a positive sense cynicism might lead to change for the better.

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