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May 5 links: Missing word or sarcasm?

I was a little disappointed to learn that the word “million” was missing here: Olympic injury trending on Twitter launched $18 empire

Via Andrew Sullivan, a lively meditation on the power of the phrase “I don’t know.” Isn’t a wise man supposed to know what he doesn’t know?

I don’t always agree with me; I certainly don’t expect everyone else to. Being treated as some sort of authority, not only by TV and radio hosts but by people who write to me for advice, is more alarming than flattering; it makes me wonder whether all the alleged sages I’ve ever admired, from Lao Tsu to Marcus Aurelius, were big fat fakes like me. I suppose it’s possible that all those other columnists and talking heads really do know whereof they speak and I’m the only who doesn’t know enough to fake it. But I have my doubts.

With that in mind, turn to The Economist’s wonderful Big Question: “What’s the Best Philosophy?” I don’t know. Maybe doubt?


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