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Conspiracy theories and why the intellectually insecure believe them

Brilliant photographical and philosophical takedown of moon landing conspiracy theories, including these comments that apply to “truthers” from 9/11 to Sandy Hook (and people who see media conspiracies where they don’t exist):

The urge to believe drives people to trade in part of their soul in exchange for the comfort of being a rebel. …

That step from knowing you’ve been lied to to believing that everything else is a lie is a big step. …

Once you’re forced to hypothesize whole new technologies to keep your conspiracy possible, you’ve stepped over into the realm of magic …

It’s like you need to cling to your belief system with all your might against the overwhelming evidence of your own rational mind. What’s dangerous about that is it blinds you to the real conspiracies that authorities are perpetrating on you right now, as we speak. Things that are a lot more important than whether some guys went to the moon.

I’ve always put it this way: “Never confuse cynicism with intelligence.”

Why the Moon Landings Could Have Never EVER Been Faked: The Definitive Proof.

(Some commenters took issue with his joke about removing “sapiens” from “homo sapiens,” which he addressed here.)


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