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New Age band’s negative energy

How did not see this when it debuted on Saturday Night Live?

It’s Rainn Wilson, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Kenan Thompson and Kristen Wiig as a New Age band with some chemistry problems.

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Too Stupid for Satire: Manufactured outrage

Being a big fan of the Three Minute Philosophy series, I decided to see what else Australian philosophy-summarizer S. Peter Davis (apparently a real person, not a Monty Python character) was doing with his life.

Turns out part of it has been spent defending himself after someone failed to understand satire:

Too Stupid for Satire: How The Media Branded Me as a Racist |

As someone who works in the media and loves satire (and often wishes it could be the other way around), I found this a good cautionary tale. So read it, you *^^&$!

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A bipartisan challenge to joblessness — and the media

Four senators, two Democrats and two Republicans, have joined forces on something called Startup Act 2.0.

So here’s a challenge for the political media:

Will you cover it in terms of the potential benefits and risks of the legislation?

Or will you cover it solely on how it could help the long-term political prospects of Warner and Rubio, particularly as they share a piece of legislation in a hyperpartisan era?

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Paywall, smash!

John Robinson effectively demolishes the case for a newspaper paywall:

Newspaper paywalls: using a Band-Aid on a bullet wound | Media, disrupted.

I personally like the NYT model. When they have a big story that gets a lot of traction online, it’s out there for everyone to see, getting enough traffic to make the ads pay off. But if you want to read everything in the NYT, pay up. And it seems to be working.

Why isn’t anyone else doing that?


A conservative tells the right wing to shove off …

This piece is getting huge — it’s getting a lot of recommendations on Facebook.

I have one thing to bear in mind: As you read this, see if he backs away from any “conservative” ideology. (Agreeing that global warming isn’t a myth? That doesn’t count. Looking for actual ideology that isn’t traditionally “conservative.”)

He doesn’t. It’s all about what people are willing to do to have political or financial power.

Vital read.

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