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Washington Post “contemporary classical” piece makes clever use of Spotify

As a music major who didn’t pursue a career in music partially because I finally realized I just didn’t care that deeply for “classical” music, I thought this was a terrific guide.

Most notable: This is a creative use of Spotify. The Post set up a playlist of music that fits the story — basically a sampler of contemporary classical styles.

I’m a little annoyed with myself because I actually had this idea a couple of weeks ago, intending to do something that’s sort of the opposite of this piece — introducing classical fans to quality 21st century rock and pop. But I’m happy to see someone else thinks it’s a good idea.

Contemporary classical: A primer – The Washington Post.


Redefining “work,” Part 1

A few months ago, I started to wonder if the usual 40-hour corporate workweek was an outdated concept. For one thing, employers are generally trying to squeeze more than 40 hours out of employees. Some professions offer raises to compensate, but when someone needs more time for family or other concerns, money can’t always help.

So consider this the first in a series. The story linked here is about people bailing out of the corporate world to do fulfilling things on their own.

Redefining “work,” Part 1