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Have bloggers surpassed traditional journalists?

It’s a stupid question on many counts. Some “bloggers” in this post are actually professional advocates. Others are semi-pros who aren’t about to quit their day jobs but are getting money to drive traffic.

But however you define them, these non-traditional pundits and newsgatherers are often proving themselves far more nimble than the corporate folks.

Case in point: The story of Rep. Anthony Wiener and a mysterious semi-lewd photo on Twitter, as explained here by another non-traditional outlet, The Daily Show:


For those who don’t have time to watch the clip or unfairly label Stewart as a “liberal” unworthy of attention from right-thinking folks, the nutshell is this: Bloggers of various inclinations are digging up actual facts about the incident while CNN seems powerless to do so.

Sure, the blogosphere also is capable of digging up sheer dreck, giving a safe haven to birthers and other conspiracy theorists who enjoy inventing their own “facts.” But in best-case scenarios, they’re also capable of legitimate crowdsourcing.

That’s also the case with FIFA and CONCACAF shenanigans. Check the roundup on my other blog, SportsMyriad, and you’ll see that the indie media have certainly taken the story and run. Bill Archer has been a one-man FIFA/CONCACAF watchdog for years, while Tom Dunmore has contributed a must-read FIFA history that explains why so much of FIFA hates England and how the organization has simply swapped one bad habit for another.

In most respects, the “bloggers” (whether they operate a reverse-chronological site or not) are welcome voices, adding vital information. That’s great.

But we don’t want the big organizations to go away. When you have a lack of media oversight, you have … well, FIFA and CONCACAF, where the only people taken to task through official channels in the past week are those who have dared to ask questions.


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