Reorganizing my social (networking) life

I scan through a lot of stuff during the course of the day, and modern widgetry has made all of this stuff easy to share.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed something. I’m sharing a lot on Facebook, which has the best sharing tools. But in doing so, I’m probably scaring away a lot of my “friends” who are wondering, “Man, why does this guy post 6-7 times a day? He’s cluttering up my News Feed!”

In the meantime, I’ve been neglecting Mostly Modern Media, which in many ways is my favorite of the 10 or 12 blogs I’ve started over the past decade.

A few Chrome extensions later, I’ve decided to share much more on this here blog. And to keep my Facebook feed to a reasonable number of posts, I’ve deactivated the automatic reposting of MMM content onto Facebook. SportsMyriad content will continue to flow onto Facebook. is still for sale and won’t be updated. My anonymous blog is still anonymous.

So I’ve simplified things on my end and hopefully on yours. If you want to see everything I’ve posted, you’d better add Mostly Modern Media to your RSS readers or your daily browsing. And if you de-friended me or moved me off your News Feed on Facebook, can I please come back?

Happy spring (sort of) to all.

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