How I use Facebook

Just wanted to let people know how I interact with Facebook so that my friends from all over don’t think I’m ignoring them.

Things I don’t do, in general: Poke, Zombie bites, “Which ??? Are You,” anything that requires me to download something to let more people have my personal info.

Things I’m more likely to do: Slam book-style memes, like the 25 random things that went around for a while. That’s fun and not intrusive. Messages. Occasional chats. Wall-to-wall. Status comments. I love to hear from people! So don’t “poke” me — tell me what you’re doing!

A quick guideline on page requests: By all means, ask me. Once. Persistence doesn’t pay in this case. If you ask me over and over, I’m less and less likely to become a fan. I’m also more and more likely to de-friend you.

Other reasons I might have hidden your updates in my News Feed: Using Facebook status messages as a Twitter feed. Sending “Babe of the Day” pictures. Repeated late-night rants about why your life sucks or why Sarah Palin or Barack Obama sucks.

Things I really like to see: Pictures. I haven’t seen some of you in 20 years. I’d like to “see” you and your families. Let me know.

So the takeaway here — I’m not ignoring you. I accept most friend requests. If I actually “know” you, I’m very happy to hear from you. If you only know me as the USA TODAY guy, that’s fine, too — comment away. I’ll often respond.


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