Fresh Beat Band: Resistance is useless

YouTube – Fresh Beat Band.

You will be assimilated. You will listen to the slickly produced songs. You will watch the bright, bouncy videos in which even the “found objects” that make up “Marina’s” “drum” set are painted in preschool colors.

You won’t mind that the “rap” dude (“Twist,” of course) sounds like Jim Carrey’s impression of Vanilla Ice. You will, on the other hand, wonder if the former soap actress playing “Marina” is a long-lost relative of Khrystne Haje from Head of the Class.

And your kids will be dancing. Get used to it. We are not going away.

Just pray that your kids won’t graduate to Hannah Montana.


3 thoughts on “Fresh Beat Band: Resistance is useless

  1. I KNEW I knew Marina from something …. back in the day when I was slightly hooked on Days of Our Lives. I was googling, trying to find out who she was and came across your blog post. Thank you for my answer!!

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