When writers attack

See Alice write. See Alice get a negative though not appalling review, one that says her latest doesn’t live up to her previous work.

See Alice trash the reviewer on her Twitter feed.

See Alice post the reviewer’s phone number and e-mail address, though the latter is also available on the review itself. See Alice misspell “Verizon.”

See Alice get called out by a book critic. See Alice respond with elementary snark.

Here’s what I find funniest: “Now any idiot can be a critic. Writers used to review writers. My second novel was reviewed by Ann Tyler. So who is Roberta Silman?”

Hmmm … five-second Web search … Roberta Silman is a writer.

Not sure how to proceed from here. Do I lament the capacity of social networking to spread ignorance whenever someone’s a little angry, or do I check to make sure my phone number is unlisted?


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