The Cure: Still beats the heck of the disease

The Cure: Renewed And Rocking : NPR Music

Good interview and performance clips. The new tunes are pretty good, with propulsive bass and less of a morbid tone than you might expect from The Cure.

One qualm with the interviews: The Cure’s personnel have been relatively steady over the past 15 years or so. No one in the band now has less than a decade of experience playing with Robert Smith. It’s hardly a solo project.

Robert Smith is a terrific interview, open and honest. I don’t buy his annual “this is the last Cure album” moan, but aside from that, it’s great to hear from him. I hope it’s not the last Cure album.

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Testing a new approach

The tools for blogging are just getting better, even as the time I have to blog is greatly diminished. I’m also spending more and more time on Facebook, where I can just make a quick comment and move on.

So the tactic I’m trying now for Mostly Modern Media is to make a quick comment and move on. Not as quick as a Twitter tweet or Facebook update, but something short and easy.

I reserve the right to go on the occasional 2,000-word rant. Maybe even a well-crafted 2,000-word hypertext essay. But in the interest of posting here more frequently, I’m going to try this sort of thing more often, using ScribeFire to help out.

As a test case, I’ve included a good PopUp Video above. Enjoy.