Does capitalism suck? (Radio rant)

No, this isn’t about $700 billion of bailout money for corporations spending money they didn’t have on customers spending money they didn’t have. This is about something that can’t be solved on Capitol Hill — lack of decent music.

A year and a half ago, I was thrilled when our local classic rock station morphed into a hybrid of classic rock and alt-rock, as played on the late great WHFS. They already had a couple of the DJs from the old WHFS, so it was as if the two best D.C. stations had merged into something with a nice diverse playlist you can’t get from satellite or online stations.

Well, now, they’re back to “classic rock.”

Apparently, the corporate owners … hmmm, apparently CBS … didn’t think the ratings had bumped up sufficiently.

And they’ll bump up now?

Maybe I shouldn’t blame capitalism, which brought us most good rock and roll. But just as a comparison, the publicly funded BBC and RTE add radio stations in the public interest. So if you’re 85 years old and want to hear radio dramas, you’ll hear radio dramas. And if you’re 12 and think it’s cool to listen to something called “Fabio and Grooverider,” good for you.

Here, I’m being pushed out of the radio demographic at age 30-something.

Ultimately, it’s not the economic system. It’s basic stupidity.


3 thoughts on “Does capitalism suck? (Radio rant)

  1. Does capitalism suck? Not necessarily, but commercial radio sucks almost without exception, which is one reason I got out of it: The “Why are we playing this crap?” question became too unanswerable for too long.

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