Curiosity viewing: Pro wrestling

(Originally posted as a “page” by mistake)

The world of mixed martial arts, a new sport on my beat, has a couple of slight overlaps with the world of pro wrestling. A handful of prominent guys, particularly Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar, have moved from one to the other.

So I decided to peek at TNA IMPACT! on Spike.

After a couple of five-minute check-ins, I’ve noticed something curious. They don’t really bother with actual “wrestling matches” any more. I’ve seen a bunch of people wandering around various spots in the arena getting ticked off and slapping each other. The ring is very much on the periphery.

It’s kind of like watching Sports Night. If you’re expecting to see 30 minutes of a fake SportsCenter, you won’t. It’s related to a fake SportsCenter, but there’s a lot more going on.

Put another way — this wrestling show has as much wrestling as MTV has music videos.

Which, in this case, is a mild improvement.


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