What I’ve been writing

In case you think I’ve been neglecting all things musical and media-ical while immersing myself in the sweat-soaked world of sports, check out the Chart Attack I contributed to Popdose a few days after returning from China. It’s a trip back to around the time I was born, when life was simpler (aside from the constant threat of nuclear annihilation that means I can’t really blame kids of the ’70s for being potheads) and music was better (aside from … well, nothing).

I also have a massive tome on what I learned about journalism and cynicism, but it’s not ready yet. I’ll let you know. Or your RSS reader will let you know. You subscribe, right? Or do you just come back here and hit reload even though I don’t write that often?

I might do some revamping soon, perhaps combining this with a Twitter feed so that I’ll have more frequent short items interspersed with my massive tomes.


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