Song du semaine: two versions of “Splendid Isolation”

This song is one of Warren Zevon’s best, with the melody conveying the sense of resignation in the lyrics. Like a lot of good Zevon songs, he’s both expressing and lampooning the same emotion and desire. Sometimes, we all want to withdraw, but viewed from afar, it seems rather silly, doesn’t it?

Here’s Zevon’s version:

Great stuff, and Pete Yorn does a good cover. I don’t see the studio version at YouTube, but this live version is close:


4 thoughts on “Song du semaine: two versions of “Splendid Isolation”

  1. I HEARD that Kid Rock song. That’s just disturbing. I’d like to see Jordan Zevon heckle him at a show somewhere.

  2. Probably as insecure as you have to be to introduce yourself with “My name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddd!”

    (Which actually isn’t a bad song.)

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