The little one’s musical tastes waver

I’m generally very happy with the introduction to music MMM Jr. has received over his first few years. It’s such a pleasure to see him listening intently in his booster seat when something like Across the Universe comes up on the iPod.

But tonight, he figured out how to turn on the nightstand radio and heard Californication. An argument ensued.

Me: “That’s really not a good song.”

Him: “Why not?”

Me: “Well, the lyrics are terrible. And it’s bland musically.”

Him: “No, it’s not.”

Me: “No, really, when you get older, you’ll understand why that song is just a lazy piece of pop piffle based on the overuse of one pun and a weak guitar riff.”

Him: “You’re wrong, Daddy.”

The bad news is that I can’t just grab the Mother’s Milk CD and show him how good the Chili Peppers used to be. That would probably violate state law somehow.


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