Song du semaine: Asia, “Heat of the Moment”

Check the video, and then let’s consider why it represents the best and worst of prog-rock:

BEST: The layers of keyboards sound good. That’s intelligent arrangement and good playing.

WORST: The lyrics, particularly the clunker “And when your looks have gone and you’re alone.”

BEST: Steve Howe had an interesting guitar style on Yes’ Drama album, the lone Yes album to feature Asia-mate Geoff Downes. Howe could be a little overbearing — just listen to the grating steel guitar on the otherwise scorching Going for the One — but on Drama and the Asia releases, he learned to be economical, playing within the song rather than going in completely incompatible directions.

WORST: John Wetton’s delivery of those lyrics, which makes them sound even worse. We have every reason to believe John’s just waiting until her looks have gone because he thinks she’ll suddenly be in his league.

BEST: Catchy chorus, isn’t it? The tempo picks up a bit, which a band with less accomplished musicians might not be able to pull off.

WORST: The video is too literal, putting far too much emphasis on mediocre lines like “And that would wipe the smile right from my face.”

BEST: The band plays well within the confines of a solid hook-driven song.

WORST: The lyrics make us long for incomprehensible epics about Crimson Kings and Topographic Oceans.


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