Song du semaine: Journey, "Faithfully"

The spoilsports at Sony disabled embedding, so I’ll just link to the video and give you some screen captures of the most embarrassing grimaces caught on tape. Then I’ll tell you what a beautiful ballad this really is.

First, the grimaces, not exactly enhanced by the poor picture quality I’m delivering here …

Forget Randy Jackson — I’m Ross Valory, bitch!

I never really felt like part of the band.

Star Trek XLII: The Wrath of Schon

Should we tell Jonathan Cain his mike isn’t plugged in? Does he think he’s singing, or is this some sort of Liberty DeVitto tribute?

The guy from Guster never contorted himself backwards in pain and exhaustion after crashing a couple of cymbals, and he hit them with his hands. Is this why Steve Smith eventually went back to jazz?

Or maybe it was the video for Separate Ways, in which Cain steals the show by re-inventing the art of air keyboards.

All very silly. And yet this song is brilliant. It builds from a solid hook on the piano that carries through into the vocals and Schon’s guitar work.

The lyrics blow away the typical power-ballad crap. Maybe you have to have been in a 10-year relationship to appreciate it, but “Two strangers learn to fall in love again / I get the joy of rediscovering you” is dead-on, and Perry’s delivery is powerful without sounding like some melismatic monster on American Idol.

Rather than re-mastering their old stuff, Journey should probably just reshoot the videos. The songs are fine.


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