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Progress report

Today, at Starbucks, around 1:30 p.m., I finished Chapter 11 of my MLS history book (rough draft). At 62,200 words, I have now written a viable nonfiction work.

All that remains of the rough draft is a conclusion, which I may not write in detail until I’ve done some interviews — already underway — and gone back through the book.

I feel exhausted and really, really happy. I wasn’t sure at first that I could do this. Now, whether this book ends up selling 100,000 copies for a major publishing house or 10 through self-publishing at Amazon, I know I will have written a decent book. I’ll spend the rest of my mini-sabbatical making it better.

The funny thing — since going on this final roll, my Freecell skills have seriously deteriorated.


5 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. (whooping and jumping around) FANTASTIC!!! Most impressive time management and drive! Can’t wait to read this thing (and remember, if you need a reader)…

  2. I hope there is a chapter in their on the San Jose fans who fought to save their franchise and then worked to ressurect it. MLS fans are unique, I think, and worthy of study in their own right. If not this book, maybe the next one . . .

    Congratulations on a job surely well done.

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