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How out of touch am I?

Are my tastes completely out of line with everyone else’s?

Consider the following:

Music: No, I don’t know much of the current Top 40. But in today’s fragmented media landscape, that’s not so unusual. The days of a band like the Beatles stretching into every demographic are long gone. The bands I like are all relatively popular within their various niches. I get a pass on this one.

Reality TV: Every TV blogger seems sick of American Idol‘s audition phase and is excited to see the show heading to Hollywood. This is the point at which I tune out every year. The parade of American narcissism and comeuppance, mixed with a few heartwarming tales of the truly talented, is over. Now we get the tedious task of narrowing it down to 12 people who will be asked to grit their teeth through a variety of styles, many of them unsuitable, and then sit through the weekly “results show.” People watch this, apparently.

I do think it’d be amusing if figure skating adopted the “results show” model. Let the judges sound off for a while, then have the skaters stand and smile through 30 minutes of “Sasha and Kimmie are in the bottom two” nonsense.

Scripted TV: I’m used to it by now. Popular shows like Grey’s Anatomy grate on my nerves. My shows, from NewsRadio to Arrested Development to Friday Night Lights, live on the verge of cancellation. Only The Office has worked its way into pop culture.

Sports: You all know I’m a soccer guy. But did you know I watch biathlon? You won’t be seeing highlights on SportsCenter any time soon. (Granted, I like almost all sports — it’s not as if I skip the Super Bowl.)

Food: I finally found a food at McDonald’s that was relatively nutritious and genuinely tasty — the Southwest salad. Don’t look for it on the menu. It’s gone.

Children’s TV: I’ve just learned that The Upside Down Show has not been renewed.

Politics: Don’t ask.

Perhaps my tastes are actually better than most people’s. Maybe I appreciate true quality while others don’t make the effort to do so.

Elitism, though, is no comfort. Not when I keep get attached to things that disappear because no one else is interested.

So perhaps I need to start a movement. The Campaign to Bring Back The Southwest Salad, Renew The Upside Down Show, Save Friday Night Lights, Revamp The Two-Party System and Put Biathlon on ESPN. Who’s with me?


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