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Tonight’s American Idol thought

I frankly think they’ve given up this season.

I’ve seen maybe one singer tonight who deserved to go through, and they were cheating when they sent him up — he used to be in some sort of boy band.

They’ve sent through several people who had no clue. The last one took an interesting approach — add a bunch of notes to the melody, and you increase your chances that at least a couple of them must be right.

And now they’ve got someone who just screeched all over a classic Aretha standard. Simon’s just sitting there with a look of resignation. He doesn’t care any more. They just seem like they don’t want to fight with relatively nice people, and the people coming up are at least nice. Or cute.

If you watch beyond the audition rounds, you might want to adjust your sound settings so the higher frequencies don’t come through. Be warned.


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