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Song du semaine: Tom Jones, "You Can Leave Your Hat On"

Great song, but you know I’m just picking it this week to have an excuse to show the Full Monty finale (warning: partial nudity shown, full frontal implied):

One of the best movie endings ever. The simple act of stripping isn’t a surprise — no director or screenwriter would let down an audience by having them chicken out at the last minute. But the scene captures the change in mood that evolves through the film. This is no longer an act of desperation to get a few bucks. This is a celebration.

It’s not that everything is magically resolved. We see just enough to know that these guys are bouncing back. Dave’s wife gives him a vote of confidence. They all have career prospects at last.

Gaz’s son is the key here. Gaz was driven to desperation in the first place because he wanted to stay in his son’s life, which wasn’t going to happen unless he scraped up some money for child support. But in the end, his son gives him a little kick to get out and revel in what he created.

Beautiful stuff. Well-choreographed, too.

The song was already an oldie when the film was made. Randy Newman wrote it and recorded it for his 1972 album Sail Away. Three Dog Night apparently did a cover. Joe Cocker did the version our local rock station plays on occasion.

But seriously … a rollicking bawdy song like this is tailor-made for Tom Jones, isn’t it?

Happy New Year to all.


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