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An alternate Dubstar video

I had no idea this existed — a second video for Dubstar’s Stars. This one seems to be some sort of riff on the movie Contact, which came out the same year. (And which I did not see, because I was so freaked out by Close Encounters and the TV show Project UFO as a kid that I simply can’t handle anything about alien visitation. Though I somehow watched Independence Day, and I loved Men in Black.)

Here’s the video, if Yahoo’s weird embedding tool works:

I embedded the other version a year ago. It’s low-budget but much better, capturing the dream state of the song.

If you don’t care about the video, just click and listen. As I’ve said at least five times, it’s just gorgeous.

Back to the earlier post from the week — thanks for all the well wishes. I feel a little embarrassed by it, since it’s really all about my hypochondria rather than anything actually wrong with me. But it’s nice to know that if I ever were facing some serious shit, I wouldn’t be going through it alone. This week, spending 90 percent of my time with a kid whose temperature looked like an old-school Loyola Marymount basketball score, that was easy to forget.

Besides, I’m sure this song would be one of the first things I’d hear in heaven.


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