It’s just overkill

Catching up on Saturday Night Live after a particularly disappointing Family Guy (memo to Seth: Shout-outs to movie scenes are not inherently funny. You still need a joke) …

The musical guest is Feist, whose 15 minutes have apparently coincided with this appearance. She, like so many musical acts these days, has about 20 people onstage in her band.

Two rows of backup singers/clappers? Did I wander back to I Want to Know What Love Is?

And not one banjo player. Not two banjo players. Three freaking banjo players.


6 thoughts on “It’s just overkill

  1. Three banjo players? Playing different banjo parts?

    I have top find a clip of this. I might have to take back all the bad things I said about Feist.

  2. Lex — Sure, but the two-drummer craze died out when .38 Special decided the second one was a little overboard, right?

    Michael — I have no idea whether they were playing different parts. I occasionally heard two banjo notes, but (A) someone could have been playing a chord and (B) someone could have messed up.

  3. Re drums — yeah, I think that was the last we saw of that. Skynyrd only ever used the one drummer, though, if that’s what you were getting at. The Allmans used two in some of their incarnations.

  4. So with the title of the blog, are you insinuating that Feist is beginning her decline, much as Overkill did for Men at Work? Because any comment thread that mixes Skynyrd, .38 Special and Men at Work is about as awesome as landing a triple entendre. I bet you’ll pooh pooh a Big Pig reference because they and all their drummers weren’t as arthistorically significant as .38 special.

  5. Big Pig! I remember them! “Breakaway” was an awesome song! I had the cassingle! Hey, I really miss the word “cassingle”! Exclamation point!

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