SNL: Week 2

The LeBron episode was fine, and LeBron was fine. The bloggers who think he was “staring holes at the TelePrompTer” were surely thinking of the PSA, which wouldn’t be realistic if he were doing anything else.

This one was a little weak.

The high points: I liked Andy Samberg as K-Fed, celebrating the ruling that he’s slightly more responsible than Britney. The TVSquadders love the Kristen Wiig/Jason Sudeikis chemistry, and they got a good spotlight with a fake ad for high-def, picture-in-picture ultrasound.

But too many sketches were the typical SNL downer (which, to be fair, they’ve had on occasion since 1975). Good premise, no follow-through. The Douchebag Championship went nowhere despite Amy Poehler’s ever-enchanting Sharon Osborne. As much as I love Wiig, she gets stuck with a lot of one-note characters such as the obnoxious sister to Seth Rogen’s equally obnoxious nerdy teen. The crowd was thrilled to see Chevy Chase, but he was all too willing to hog the spotlight.

Most puzzling: Fred Armisen just seemed off. His Gene Simmons impression didn’t remind me at all of Gene Simmons. His Sam Waterston impression wasn’t even close. I’ve seen Armisen live, and I know he’s funny. They’re just pushing him into roles that aren’t in his wheelhouse.

The Seth Meyers era is wildly inconsistent, and that’s not such a bad thing. He takes more risks than most head writers of the past, and it sometimes works. That’s why it’s still worth watching, even through relative clunkers like this one.


One thought on “SNL: Week 2

  1. Just saw this SNL off the DVR, and I have to respectfully disagree about the Douchebag Championship sketch.

    For someone who’s never been clear on what kind of guy constitutes a douchebag, I thought the lines in this one were hysterical. The contestants had the right look, and Samberg’s left-field distractions got me every time.

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