For my 400th post, it’s Sly Fox trivia …

Zhum zhum zing-ing-ing-ing zhum zhum zing-ing-ing-ing

Oh yes, you remember Sly Fox. You may even vaguely recall that the lyrics hinted at something other than sex, as the Wikipedia entry duly notes, though that begs the question: “Let’s go all the way … where?”

But did you know that Gary “Mudbone” Cooper, one-half of this band, has done so much else in the music world that he devotes a total of one sentence to his Sly Fox involvement in his bio? Same goes for the other half, swingin’ jazz guy Michael Camacho.

VH1 would probably have a field day snarking on these guys, but if they signed a decent record deal, they’re banking royalties on that one song that allow them to pursue their dreams and do stuff for a small but appreciative audience. That has to feel pretty good.

Ladies and gentleman, post #400!!!


One thought on “For my 400th post, it’s Sly Fox trivia …

  1. Guy at my high school had a girlfriend who met them at a record store the night before a show in ’86 at the height of that single’s fame. Nice guys, she said.

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