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I’m white, and I’m capitalizin’ …

From YouTube’s tireless efforts to archive everything on video, it’s pre-stardom Jim Carrey on In Living Color with the definitive Vanilla Ice parody …

Now if only they’d find Kelly Coffield’s Paula Abdul impression.


2 thoughts on “I’m white, and I’m capitalizin’ …

  1. Wish I could find that list of “Top 10 lies told by Vanilla Ice in Ice Ice Baby” … I remember one of them was “If there’s a problem, yo I’ll solve it” and “Quick to the point, to the point of no faking” … maybe you had to be there.

  2. Pete: Here you go.

    Strange. My last blog post (review of The Kingdom) also links to Jim Carrey. Just go here and click on “David Caruso”.

    And, for good measure, here’s the SNL clip of Kevin Bacon as Vanilla Ice.

    Word to your mother.

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