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Soccer fans have better musical taste

So I was reading something random that popped up on one of my Yahoo feeds, and I found myself nodding along. It’s a review of two Pretenders albums — their best (Learning to Crawl) and the beginning of the decline (Get Close) — nailing what’s good about the former and what’s wrong with the latter. It even recognizes one of the great underrated guys in rock, hard-hitting drummer Martin Chambers.

The byline didn’t jump out at me. But when I reached the end, I realized I knew the blogger — not from school, work or some random musical thing, but from the D.C. United pressbox.

Proof, once again, that soccer fans are simply the epitome of hip.


One thought on “Soccer fans have better musical taste

  1. I wonder if the Pretenders get residuals every time Rush Limbaugh uses their ” My City Was Gone ” as his bumper?

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