Strange search terms

I checked out the page counter today and discovered that someone arrived at this blog by searching for “megyn price lesbian.”

Not sure why anyone would be searching along those lines. I haven’t seen any rumors, and she and her husband are apparently expecting.

(A hazy memory from Grounded for Life, one of Price’s former shows: Donal Logue tells a nun his life has been difficult because he had three kids so young. Nun: “And whose fault is that?” Logue: “Yours!”)

She was also one of USA TODAY’s Top 20 High School Students back in the day, which is impressive. Not exactly an airheaded blonde sitcom star.

Also apparently not a lesbian.

Grounded for Life had its moments, but I never really got into it. I liked the premise — two parents who are far too young, trying to be fun-loving young adults while dealing with a house full of kids — and Logue and Price are terrific. But it was held back by the occasional sitcom cliche, and some of the supporting cast was truly horrible.

I haven’t seen Rules of Engagement, her new show, and I know I should. I like Patrick Warburton, and I need to see Bianca Kajlich to be truly up-to-date with U.S. soccer.

(Why? Meet Kajlich’s husband.)

Anyway, back to Price — at Yahoo, this blog is the 19th result for “megyn price lesbian.” But in 16th, it’s … my work blog?


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